Aluminium Heritage Doors

Install aluminium heritage doors for Art Deco-inspired entrances that will make a real statement on your property. Heritage doors can be hung as Single Doors, French Doors, Sliding Doors or Bifold Doors.

Aluminium Heritage Doors

Heritage doors include a range
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Aluminium heritage doors have multiple
installation use cases

Embrace the neo-industrial

Art Deco was all about bold delineations and geometric shapes. The movement’s heyday was the late 1920s and early 1930s but its legacy can be seen throughout the last 100 years as the style remains popular.

Aluminium Heritage Doors
Aluminium Heritage Doors

Sidelights and internal partitions

For a really impactful entranceway, add matching sidelight windows. In larger properties, our aluminium heritage doors (that are typically used externally) can be turned into a unique internal partition feature.

Aluminium has emerged as the
new favourite with customers

We’ve noticed that our customers are really tuning into the benefits offered by aluminium frames. Aluminium is super stable with very little expansion and contraction due to heat. The frames can also be powder coated in any colour you like.

Aluminium has a life-span that’s measured in decades rather than years. Combine this with its extremely low maintenance requirements, and you have the perfect material for homeowners looking to invest in their property.