Reforesting at least 60,000 trees every year

With Ecologi we can invest in the world's forests and contribute to the protection and restoration of our environment and protect biodiversity. 60,000 trees is the equivalent to 2,088 passenger vehicles driven for one year.

Our Sustainability Goals

Transforming our business to protecting
the environment in 2022 and beyond

A fully electric vehicle fleet

We’re committed to having a fully electric fleet by 2022 - Our business relies on a lot of travel, so it’s a core goal to reduce our carbon emissions by providing our workforce with a fully electric fleet.

Electric Vehicle Fleet

99% of our waste to be recycled into resource

We work with a local ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ company, Parkers Skip Hire. Our metal, wood and green waste is individually processed and recycled, with any general waste turned into a resource, Refuse Derived Fuel.

How it Works

Our commitment when you work with us

Giving back to the planet

By choosing habify your contribution is actively supporting some of the highest standard climate projects in afforestation, biochar, direct air capture and more.

Supporting change

The projects we support enable new employment for local families and help to restore the habitats of wildlife in the UK and around the world.

Recording our responsibility

When we make the donation a digital plot of your impact is produced on our Ecologi page. Every contribution includes a real footprint evaluation to view.

Our Impact
Helping you do your
bit for the planet

With Habify you make a positive impact everytime you purchase a service; Our contribution offsets the carbon footprint of your purchase by more than double.

For every service purchased:

new trees
are planted


tonnes of CO2
is removed

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Learn about why we do what we do, and the lessons
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